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Commission prices

Sketch - 12 USD - Example 1  Example 2 

Lineart - 20 USD - Example 1 

Flats - 35 USD - Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 

Cel shade - 45 USD - Example 1

Soft shade - 45 USD - Example 1  Example 2

Mixed shade(cel + soft) - 55 USD - Example 1 Example 2 

Ref sheet - 95 USD - Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 

!!NEW!! Cut out 

Simple design - 10 USD - example 

Medium design - 20 USD - example

Difficult design - 25-30 USD - example 1 example 2

Extra character 

Sketch - 10 USD

Lineart - 13 USD

Flats - 20 USD

Cel shade - 30 USD

Soft shade - 30 USD

Mixed shade - 45 USD


Toned color - 2USD -  Example 1 Example 2

Simple background - 10-20 USD - Example 1  Example 2 Example 3

Complex background - 55 USD - Example 1 Example 2

 My characters added!

If you want my character in a pic (SFW ONLY) then please note me and we can discuss the price for that one, as they arent the same as just an extra character, these are my personal characters. And will therefore cost extra.


1:  Send a note providing the information below:

Type: (flats, simple background, extra character etc.)

Reference picture: (Ref sheets, pictures, feral, anthro, human, etc)

Setting: (What the character should be doing, where and when)

Your Paypal address (so I can send you an invoice.)

Upload: Yes/No


2: (OPTIONAL)Before you pay, I will show you a quick pose sketch for you to confirm and give me the go to continue. 

Example - quick pose sketch

3: (based on nr 2) Once you’ve confirmed the sketch, I will send you an invoice on paypal and get going c:

I will draw






Designs ( if you want me to design something)

EDIT: Tasteful nudity ONLY - NO SEX. (sorry but I really dont feel like drawing porn) 

I will NOT draw


Fetishes - gore, vore, cub, scat, diaper etc

Gore - killing and graphic flesh wounds, etc (simply because I suck at it at the moment)

Too extreme action scenes

Comic pages (because they take forever)


What you get:

When the commission is done I will upload a smaller version on my account, UNLESS you tell me not to.

You will recieve a high res, aka the full size image to your email, the one linked to your paypal. 

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